Principal' Message

I deem it a great privilege to remain associated with MMA Dayal Singh teachers Training College, JAGDISHPUR,BHOJPUR,BIHAR Since its inception. I am extremely happy that this pioneer institution

Education may not be the only or may be the most effective means to shape individual personality or the society at large, yet there is a clear universal agreement to give it some credit for both. Whatever may be the pedagogical principles of any systems of education, the crucial role of the teachers cannot be ignored. Hence, there must be a serious consideration and developing successful teachers. In this regard, I feel a great sense of pleasure and gratitude in appreciating the sincere and serious efforts rendered by the well qualified teachers of this Teachers ‘Training college I must not forget to thank all of my colleagues for their valuable services and kind cooperation. I wish the prosperity of this college.

Dr. Arjun Lal
MMA Dayal Singh TT College