College Building

The College building has a multistoried architecture, with fully electrified spacious classrooms. Each room has multiple doors and windows to facilitate cross ventilation.


The college has full furnished separate laboratories for the students of psychology and Education in the Arts stream. For the students of Teachers' Education, the college has a well equipped Technology Lab and a Creativity Room. Besides, there is a lab for Media technology.


The college has a rich library housing around 10052 books including around four thousand exclusively for Teacher's Education. Around ten journals of national and international importance are available for teachers, students and the Research Scholars. There is at least ten Encyclopedia including the celebrated Encyclopedia Britannica.

A large and quiet reading room is provided for voracious readers.

Transport Facility for Students


The college has its own electric power generator to support round-the-clock power supply.


A rich set of computers, fax machine, photocopier cum scanner are employed for efficient processing and transaction of data - within and outside.

Sports Ground

To ensure the physical development of students in a creative manner the college has adequate games facilities for football, volleyball, basketball, cricket, badminton, hockey, athletics, etc. It has a vast playground.